#BNGWTF: Don’t Get It Twisted Baltimore

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bcpnews-hogan-to-city-drop-dead-20150625-005Hogan doesn’t want Baltimore to get it twisted. Like, not even a little bit: He. Does. Not. Give. A. Shit. He said no to the Red Line, no to jobs, no to opportunities, no to access, no to safety, no to $900M…just no. Baltimore is one of the poorest cities in America, nestled inside of one of the richest states in America. Instead of striving toward balancing that scale, our Governor chose to perpetuate, and actually speed up, the cycle of neglect, discouragement and detachment that the city already suffers from. The fuck?!! But don’t worry – Baltimore’s got heart. We won’t give up, but some shit just shouldn’t be that damn hard. ‪#‎OneBaltimore‬ #‎BNGWTF‬

#BNGWTF: Hold My Weave

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hold my weaveI knew, I knew, I KNEW somebody was gonna say some dumb ish like this regarding Rachel Dolezal‬: “Black women straighten their hair every day. Black woman do it all the time…White women can’t do the same thing?” Leave it to #‎BNGWTF all-star, Raven Symone the spokesperson for mislabeling, misunderstanding and oversimplifying race and culture since 2014. There is so much wrong with her statement...I just can’t with Raven or Rachel right now. 

#BNGWTF: Call Me Black

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Call me BlackY’all knew this was coming right?! #‎BNGWTF‬
(Photo credit @iamericfrazier on Twitter…I don’t know if he made it, but that’s where I saw it. ‪#‎keepit100‬)



#BNGWTF: Full (of it) House

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Full (of it) HouseSo many items to choose from this WTF Friday! From the Duggars to the man who thought it was a good idea to carry a fully loaded semiautomatic rifle into the airport in Atlanta.  The fact that hate-filled bigots can get away with molestation and white men (cuz let that have been a black person or a woman of any color…) can carry machine guns around airports (hello TSA?), literally DARE the police to arrest them and they receive no repercussions?! We definitely need to be asking ourselves and our government some serious questions. But I’m going lighter this fine Friday because this photo of the cast of Lifetime’s unauthorized Full House movie (C’mon Lifetime, really?) actually made a Diva say What. The. Fuuu…? #‎donteffwiththe90s‬ ‪#‎BNGWTF‬

#BNGWTF: Frack Off!

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#BNGWTF Update: 2-year Fracking Moratorium Passes in Maryland!!!! A little over a month ago, we asked WTF Governor Hogan was waiting for to sign this bill into law. Apparently he was waiting to do nothing…he didn’t sign it. But he didn’t veto it. Aiight, we’ll take it, but we still say:

Frack Off

#BNGWTF: Raven is So Wrong

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RavenCollageEvery time I worry that there isn’t enough material for WTF Friday, Raven Symone says something and all is right (read: wrong) with the world. This time she says Harriet Tubman isn’t “progressive” enough to be considered to be on the $20 bill. Forget that we could be talking about getting women equal pay vs. on currency.  And forget that she thinks the degree of bravery and heroism is directly correlated to the time period ‪#‎itsnotbutifitwaswouldntearlierheroinesbeheraldedmore‬ The real question is why the fuck does the media continue to give this chick a platform to speak on social and political issues? She needs to have several seats.  #‎BNGWTF‬

#BNGWTF: The Hustle is Real

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No time for ‪#‎BNGWTF‬ today – we’re busy prepping for tomorrow’s ‪#‎EcoHustle‬! In addition to our awesome sponsors Baltimore Community ToolBank and the Law Offices of Wilhelm & Manuelides, we are proud to partner with Baltimore Energy Challenge and to feature a special VIP guest at the after party at Bar Liquorice. It’s going to be epic! There’s still a little time left to register your team: http://ecohustle2015.eventbrite.com#‎TheHustleIsReal‬


The Hustle is Real

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Register your team now at http://ecohustle2015.eventbrite.com!


#BNGWTF: Freddie Gray

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As a resident of Baltimore City, Diva has been quiet this week processing the events that have transpired in our great city. My heart goes out to the family of Freddie Gray and to Freddie himself. I exclaim WTF at the extreme pain and terror he experienced prior to his untimely death and another WTF at his homicide at the hands of police who had no right or reason to pursue or arrest him. ‪#‎BNGWTF‬ 

Too many people have had too much to say in criticism of our city and our leadership. I will not add to their noise by responding to that (except to say shut the fuck up). Instead I will express pride in all of those who have done their absolute best in making decisions, showing leadership and showing us who they are. We must not forget this when it comes time to vote in the next election (and we all MUST vote). I am so fucking proud of Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-BlakeRepresentative Elijah E. CummingsMarilyn Mosby, Esq., City Councilman Nick Mosby (my Councilman!), Senator Catherine E. Pugh, and the many good men and women of the Baltimore Police Department – the fucked up few do not represent the whole. I am also fucking amazed at, but not surprised by, all of the individuals and organizations who have united together in this trying time. #‎OneBaltimore‬

#BNGWTF: What is Hogan Waiting For?!

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The Fracking Moratorium Bill is sitting on Governor Hogan’s desk. But he hasn’t signed it yet. The fuck is he waiting for?! ‪#‎BNGWTF‬
He is procrastinating but you don’t have to – tell Hogan ‪#‎DontFrackMD‬ now: http://bit.ly/1E9Ro0E

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