#BNGWTF: Creflo Dollar

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Inmate or Slickster? I wouldn't give either of these creeps a dime!

Inmate or Slickster? I wouldn’t give either of these creeps a dime!

OMG.  Literally
Pastor (and we use that word as loosely as possibleCreflo Dollar wants his congregation to cough up $65 MILLION(!) to buy a new jet for him to spread the “good” word. This is so incredibly offensive financially, religiously, logically and environmentally. We would dedicate this WTF Friday to Creflo himself, but at this point I have to ask the legion of morons who listen to this guy every day – What the fuck are you doing?!  ‪#‎BNGWTF

#BNGWTF: Donald Trump

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Raven TrumpWe were gonna go with That’s So Toucan for this WTF Friday (not because she defended WhatARod-ner’s dis of Michelle Obama, but because her vocab sucks. Yes honey, it was “racist-like”.), but instead we have to give it to Donald Trump and his possible bid for President. The only possible benefit would be that the Celebrity Apprentice would finally be over. Nah…not worth it! If this clown gets too far down this particular road there will be hell toupee. Donald Trump for President…the fuck? ‪#BNGWTF‬

Register now – Eco-Hustle 2015 is coming!

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#BNGWTF: Don’t Be Dissin’ My FLOTUS!

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Photo credit: Paul Morigi/Gety Images; Johnny Louis/WireImage via eonline.com

Univision host Rodner “That’s Not a Typo That’s My Name” Figueroa said Michelle Obama looks like Planet of the Apes. I am as beauty and fashion-obsessed as the next Diva (because, hello – America), but seriously – the woman champions access to healthy food, LGBT rights, fights for military families and the poor and against child obesity and all we usually talk about is “who she’s wearing”. This dude straight up dissed her, but as a whole we all do her a disservice. All of her initiatives, her compassion, and her intelligence…to paraphrase my other girl Beyoncé, that’s why she’s beautiful. We at BNG are not going to stoop to wishihadaRodner’s superficial motherfuckin’ level (but blending is everything, hunty) – we’ll just say Michelle is #‎flawless‬ and Rodner is #fired. He got what he deserved but still…the fuck?! 

#BNGWTF: Ben Carson

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Ben CarsonBen Carson is an inspiring individual. I saw the latest shit he is spewing and it inspired me to launch BNG’s What The Fuck? Fridays. Every Friday we’ll ask that very question – whether it’s a green issue or not (but everything comes back to that) and we’ll use the hashtag #BNGWTF.

Ben Carson thinks that being gay is a choice and prison inmates prove it. See the full display of fuckery here. He “apologized” a day or two later, but not only do I not buy it, I kind of resent the apology more than the original statement. Y’all know that what Diva hates more than anything when people/corporations/governments treat we the people like we’re stupid. (I mean, yeah, there are the Kardashians, Chris Brown, and Honey Boo Boo and her whole crew, but as a whole we the people are not stupid!) Bottom line: He said that shit, he meant that shit, and the only reason he is backtracking is because he is running for President. And he really thinks we are accepting his apology. Ain’t nobody stupid.

I don’t know what happened to this dude. He used to be such a great example for the African American community (and everyone else) of the power of education and realized potential. Now his political views make Herman Cain and Rush Limbaugh look like moderates. Racially he is self-hate in action, on the environment he said “we may be warming, we may be cooling” – quite the scientist, eh? – and now he’s let his gay hate leak out. He’s trying to clean that one up, but not race or anything else. So we at BNG have to ask: Ben Carson…The fuck?!


Save the Date!

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EcoHustle 2015 Save the Date

Mad Love

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mad loveThank you all for your congratulatory messages and support for Black is the New Green’s new 501(c)3 status! We’ve got mad love for you all and Diva would like to give a special shout out to the following: 

The BNG Board
Noah Smock – Currently our Board Chairman, creative consultant and attitude adjuster, Noah is the first person Diva ever told about the idea for Black is the New Green. He is the first person to believe in BNG and the first person to donate to the cause when we started and the first person to donate under our new status. He’s our rock.

Andy Hlavka – Tech guru, behind the scenes organizer, and voted Most Likely To Say The Funniest Thing Ever But He’s Dead Serious And Doesn’t Understand Why You’re Laughing. We are astounded by Andy’s dedication, but let’s keep it real – he’ll do anything if you offer him Chipotle.  

Jamila Sams – Our resident photographer, also in charge of shots (usually Red Stag). Jamila is a BNG champion and cheerleader, even when you want her to simmer down. But’s that when you need the cheering the most. Gotta love JSams.

BNG’s Bad-Ass Lawyers
Parag Khandar – Ok, so he’s technically not our lawyer, but Parag is the lawyer that kicked it all off. Without Parag’s consistent encouragement and resource sharing we would never have found our lawyer, Tim. 

Tim Manuelides – Our MF’in lawyer, y’all! Tim made that IRS paperwork his bitch. He probably (read: definitely) wouldn’t say it like that, but that’s what Diva is here for. Seriously he took months of work and made it look like child’s play. Good thing he works for the good guys.

O.G. BNG Donors & Sponsors
Majora Carter & James Chase
Jean Caufriez & Joe Holland
Charles Eaddy
Ben Groff
Sabriyah Hassan
Andy Hlavka
Abby Ferretti Jackson & Peter Jackson
Harry Maistros
Tony Milando
Jamila Sams
LeighAnn Smith
Noah Smock
Alicia Thomas
Baltimore Community ToolBank
Baltimore Teacher Supply Swap
Come Home Baltimore
FOUND Studio
Heavy Seas Alehouse
The 6th Branch
The Life of Reilly

We couldn’t have done it without you!

It’s Official!

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sjgrWe are happy to announce that Black is the New Green has been granted 501(c)3 status and we are now officially a nonprofit organization! We are deeply appreciative to those of you who have supported us and donated to the cause for the last few years before you could write that shit off. Diva told you 2015 is going to be epic…and we’re off to a fabulous start. Holla!!!

2015 is Going to Be Epic!

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2015 (2) HNY gig

Trust a Diva – you’re gonna want to stay tuned to BNG in 2015. Check out a few of the highlights below and mark your calendar. Be sure to like us on Facebook to stay up on exact dates.

Spring 2015: Join us as we kick off the BNG Year with our 4th Annual Eco-Hustle.

Fall 2015: The Green Garage: Reuseapalooza!

Ongoing fabulousness: The Spread: A BNG Joint


Social Arrogance?

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arroganceA brotha recently tried to explain to me his theory on why he litters: “social arrogance”. Something about not littering in his own yard but littering on 695 because there are no consequences and it’s not his shit. Kudos for the breakdown (you can’t solve a problem until you acknowledge you have one)…but how about let’s not?

And it is all OUR shit!

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