Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is

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givingtuesdaylettersSince the embodiment of hate, ignorance, and greed will soon move into the White House, it is more important than ever to share our money, time, and resources with the most vulnerable among us and to the organizations whose priorities are love, inclusivity, and empowerment.  If you don’t know where to give, below are a few of the causes I support on #GivingTuesday and all year round.  Show some love for:

Baltimore Community ToolBank: Providing tools for over 300 member agencies to create positive change in their communities. https://www.razoo.com/us/story/Empowerbaltimore

Baltimore Teacher Supply Swap: Putting educational materials in the hands of teachers and kids who need them. Simple, effective, necessary. https://memberplanet.com/campaign/teachersupplyswap/givingtuesday

Itineris Baltimore: Dedicated to helping adults with autism work towards independence and gainful employment so they can participate meaningfully in all aspects of adult life. Awesome.  http://bit.ly/2gEWZls

Chesapeake Climate Action Network: They are literally fighting for our lives. http://bit.ly/2gClvHv

Moveable Feast: Providing nutritious meals and groceries for men, women, and children living with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. http://bit.ly/2g1Vy0v

And don’t forget our four-footed besties! Please support BARCS & MD SPCA. My prescription for getting through the next 4 years is to adopt a pet. Immediately. http://bit.ly/2fI6lfk and http://bit.ly/2gt8eOs

There are many other worthy organizations. You can take my recommendations or leave them, as long as you are fighting the good fight. Put your money where your heart is.

Love Always Wins

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I needed a day.

If you read Noah Christopher Smock’s amazing post-election note yesterday, then you already know him, which means you know that I was the girlfriend crying. Our country had just elected a man who has spent the last 513 days convincing us that he is a racist, misogynistic, homophobic, cold-hearted bully who is more interested in being an authoritarian dictator than leading and serving the republic for which he is supposed to stand. He has told us who he is time and again and I have believed him at every turn. I always knew it was possible for him to win, but I was not prepared to find out that half the country also believes him AND they either don’t care or they actually agree with him. The poison cherry on top was that his like-minded allies won the majority in the Senate and the House. I didn’t call out sick from work, I called out terrified.

And then I got angry. For several hours, I saw every stranger as an enemy who probably voted for Trump. I glared and sulked and blamed. Forget resting – I had active bitch face.

I declared Beyoncé a traitor who could have, and should have, spoken out sooner in support of Hillary Clinton. The woman mentions Red Lobster in a lyric and their sales go up 33% the next day. She says “Becky with the good hair” and her Beyhive swarms and threatens the life of Rachael Ray (instead of the real rumored Becky, Rachel Roy, but whatever). All this power in the palm of her hand and all she does is show up in a pantsuit, unannounced at her husband’s concert, four days before the election. Not enough. Seriously, I am one of over 88 million followers on Instagram and the only picture I have ever seen of her that explicitly supports Clinton was when I happened upon the story on cnn.com. Four days? Not enough B, not enough. But also not enough for me to call her a traitor. I was angry. Personally, I have demoted her from Queen Bey to Just Bey (bring it, Beyhive) but I’ve chilled on the traitor talk.

I caught myself after flying down the stairs, but thankfully, before banging on our downstairs neighbor’s door and yelling at her for burning popcorn AGAIN and making our apartment smell like it’s burning down. I stopped myself because that is not me. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll get down if I have to, but burnt popcorn is not that issue. Third time in one week (its 2016, is microwave popcorn that hard?), but still, not enough to start shit over. But I was angry.

That was yesterday. And anger is a secondary emotion. Under that was fear and uncertainty.

I’m a lover, not a fighter, but I fight for what and who I love. So today I am proud that I cared enough to cry. The shock and horror of our next President brings into sharp focus who and what I have to fight for. In addition to myself (cuz you know I love me some me!), I have a nephew in Arkansas (of all fucking places) who is a police officer and does not need a bigger target on his back based on backward policies and dog whistle-turned-megaphone messaging coming from the next administration. That nephew’s daughter is not yet one year old and the decisions we make today will affect her throughout childhood and well into her adult life. I have another nephew in Ohio with special needs and it is essential that he has more access to medical care and insurance, not limits on coverage due to preexisting conditions. He doesn’t deserve a President who would rather mock him than help him. I have incredible friends who have only been able to be considered legally married in all 50 states for two years. They should never have had to fight for that basic right at all, and we damn sure shouldn’t have to fight again for civil rights we’ve already agreed that EVERYONE deserves. I have worked with middle school students who, without Planned Parenthood, would be in dire straits today, rather than in their senior year of high school ready to be the first person in their family to attend college. All of these issues are in jeopardy.

Yesterday I felt betrayed by too many fellow citizens. I felt victimized and alone. And then, watching sitcoms to take my mind off of the apocalypse, I saw a bunch of sappy commercials that pulled my heartstrings and I knew exactly what to do. True fucking story. I came back to myself. I came back to my heart, which has never steered me wrong. Anger and fear are born of powerlessness. I get angry and scared because I care. And because I care, I am down for this fight. The fact is, I am not alone and we are not powerless. Love is the answer. And love is shown by action. So when the issues come up, be ready to act. Be ready to fight.

Today, my tears are long gone. I am energized. I stand with you ready to fight for what is right. Ready to answer hate and anger with love.

I just needed a day.

Reuseapalooza This Saturday!

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Green Garage 2015 Ad

#BNGWTF: Mmmm…Bacon!

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Bacon2Today the “W” stands for “Why”……so WTF hasn’t anyone sent me any samples of this alleged bacon-flavored seaweed?!!! No one loves bacon more than me (said every bacon lover ever), so Diva should definitely be the first one to approve this possible gamechanger. I know, I know – bacon (or any meat for that matter) isn’t the most environmentally friendly food, but I have long since made my peace with that. I can eat bacon with a clear conscience because I use BNG offset credits from my other good green deeds. If you want some BNG credits, holla at me.

The team that discovered this possible miracle claims it tastes like straight up, legit bacon. I’ve heard it all before with that turkey bacon crap, but this might finally be the eco-friendly answer to getting the pig off my back. Nah…who am I kidding? I got 99 problems and bacon ain’t one. Bacon – I can’t quit you.



It’s Reuseapalooza 2, Y’all!!!

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Green Garage Flier 2015

#BNGWTF: Still Clueless After All These Years

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(Photo: Peter Kramer/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Photo Credit: Peter Kramer/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

We at BNG owe you an apology. We’ve made Raven Symoné a WTF Friday staple because she says so much dumb shit. But that has kept us from highlighting Raven’s soul sister Stacey Dash who deserves at least as much attention. That is our bad and we are rectifying it today. So…Stacey Dash: WTF is wrong with this chick?!!! Most recently she has defended Donald Trump after he talked all kinda mess about Mexicans, but don’t get it twisted, homegirl has a lot more to say. Like her theory on campus rape – Stacey says good girls stay home and naughty girls go out and get raped. WTF? She also thinks the gender wage gap is as made up (no doubt by the same people who made up climate change and the Holocaust and the moon landing). We are so sorry we have not shared this treasure trove of stupidity and what-the-fuckedness with you sooner. It won’t happen again. Let the Clueless jokes ensue. ‪#‎BNGWTF‬

#BNGWTF: Don’t Get It Twisted Baltimore

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bcpnews-hogan-to-city-drop-dead-20150625-005Hogan doesn’t want Baltimore to get it twisted. Like, not even a little bit: He. Does. Not. Give. A. Shit. He said no to the Red Line, no to jobs, no to opportunities, no to access, no to safety, no to $900M…just no. Baltimore is one of the poorest cities in America, nestled inside of one of the richest states in America. Instead of striving toward balancing that scale, our Governor chose to perpetuate, and actually speed up, the cycle of neglect, discouragement and detachment that the city already suffers from. The fuck?!! But don’t worry – Baltimore’s got heart. We won’t give up, but some shit just shouldn’t be that damn hard. ‪#‎OneBaltimore‬ #‎BNGWTF‬

#BNGWTF: Hold My Weave

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hold my weaveI knew, I knew, I KNEW somebody was gonna say some dumb ish like this regarding Rachel Dolezal‬: “Black women straighten their hair every day. Black woman do it all the time…White women can’t do the same thing?” Leave it to #‎BNGWTF all-star, Raven Symone the spokesperson for mislabeling, misunderstanding and oversimplifying race and culture since 2014. There is so much wrong with her statement...I just can’t with Raven or Rachel right now. 

#BNGWTF: Call Me Black

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Call me BlackY’all knew this was coming right?! #‎BNGWTF‬
(Photo credit @iamericfrazier on Twitter…I don’t know if he made it, but that’s where I saw it. ‪#‎keepit100‬)



#BNGWTF: Full (of it) House

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Full (of it) HouseSo many items to choose from this WTF Friday! From the Duggars to the man who thought it was a good idea to carry a fully loaded semiautomatic rifle into the airport in Atlanta.  The fact that hate-filled bigots can get away with molestation and white men (cuz let that have been a black person or a woman of any color…) can carry machine guns around airports (hello TSA?), literally DARE the police to arrest them and they receive no repercussions?! We definitely need to be asking ourselves and our government some serious questions. But I’m going lighter this fine Friday because this photo of the cast of Lifetime’s unauthorized Full House movie (C’mon Lifetime, really?) actually made a Diva say What. The. Fuuu…? #‎donteffwiththe90s‬ ‪#‎BNGWTF‬

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